Drones will be on the hunt for duck season

Drones will be on the hunt for duck season

here will be eyes in the sky to keep people in line this duck hunting season.

Environment, Land, Water and Planning Department staff will use drones to conduct surveillance during this year’s hunting season which started last week. Drones will hover over wetlands to monitor the behaviour of hunters and protesters alike.

DELWP operations manager Glenn Sharp said the vision should help a team of 55 staff respond quickly to illegal activities.

“This is a trial to see if this type of surveillance provides increased efficiencies at large-scale events such as duck hunting opening weekend and other recreational activities on public land,” Mr Sharp said.

“The drone has the capability to specifically identify people on wetlands from great distances and is unlikely to be seen or heard during flight.”

Cameras and infrared technology will be relayed to staff in “real time” Mr Sharp said.

“The drone is not expected to disturb any wildlife or hunting activity as it will provide required details in excess of one kilometre away,” he said.

“Staff will ensure hunters and protesters behave according to hunting legislation and will be spread across Victoria.”

DELWP and police urge hunters and protesters to stick to all the rules this season.



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