The Alpine region is among Victoria’s most significant destinations for recreational hunting and the deer hunting area within the Alpine National Park has now been expanded by about 90,000 hectares.

This addition will see one of the biggest access improvements for deer hunters in over 30 years.

The expansion of the deer hunting area now includes areas surrounding Suggan Buggan, Limestone Creek, Native Dog Flat, Charlie Creek, Buckwong Creek, Willis and to the east of Tubbut.

Improvements in recreational deer hunting stem from Parks Victoria’s Greater Alpine National Parks Management Plan (2016) and include:

  • Expanding the hunting area
  • Aligning the hunting season for Baw Baw National Park with the timeframe that applies to the Alpine National Park, Tara Range Park and Avon Wilderness Park.
  • Allowing all species of deer to be hunted, including Sambar, Red, Chital, Fallow, Rusa and Hog deer

These changes to the conditions for deer hunting have been gazetted and are now in effect.

Hunters should take the time to familiarise themselves with the scheduled hunting plan. More information can be found at