Yes you can hunt in State Forests throughout Victoria, Yes there are certain conditions and restrictions…

Generally, hunting for pest animals and game species is permitted in all State Forests, however some restrictions may apply. The Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) is responsible for managing State Forest. Hunters are advised to consult the local DEPI Office for specific information about any restrictions that apply to the area of State Forest that they wish to hunt. Pest animals may be hunted at any time and hunting for game species is allowed only during the open season for that species.

Some State forest are not named, if this is the case please quote the coordinates to the DEPI official you are speaking to.

Please be mindful of the following points when hunting in a state forests.

  • Beware of other hunters and people using the state forest, dirt bike riders, 4WDs, hikers, campers etc.
  • Always… ALWAYS call ahead to the DEPI office of that area where you want to hunt.
  • Beware of the State forest borders. Many state forest back onto private land, National Parks and State Parks etc.
  • No spotlighting.
  • When given the go ahead by the DEPI office, take note of the persons name and time you spoke to them for reference.

The Hunting Victoria Map is still under construction and coming very soon.


Happy Hunting all.

Hunting Victoria


In no way is this permission to go hunting on any state forest, this is purely a guide. Hunting Victoria is not government funded or operated by any authorized government party.