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I was recently contacted by Mourning Bright about possibly donated some fox skulls to them after I have collected the bounty. I think this is a great idea and if anyone has any Fox skulls they would like to donate to them or even have a look some of there creative lamps on there website www.mourningbright.com. Below is some information about them.

These creative pieces of art are mostly from road-kill (non-native species only), donated animals that have been killed by a home farmer for food, invasive pest species hunted for bounty or on very rare occasions deceased family pets. The process is not an easy one to get them to the images you see below. Once they receive the skull or body they freeze it to kill off any parasites then thaw it & remove as much flesh/fur/feather etc as possible. They then dry the carcass to create a kind of jerky consistency to the remaining flesh on the bones. They then place this into a colony of dermestid beetles (Flesh eating beetles used by museums and the like to give very clean and undamaged bones). From here the bones are washed then put into an ammonia bath to de-grease them and remove all the fat, marrow etc. This can take several weeks or even several months. Washed again the bones then go into a peroxide bath to whiten them. This whole process can take months.

Once they finally have the bones they are then often faced with what some bone articulators have called “the skuzzle”. The skull will often come apart at it’s sutures and need to be reconstructed, have teeth re-inserted and have mandibles rejoined.

After this whole process is completed they am ready to become works of art.



They create four main categories of art.


Bone sculptures – where they take the bones of a given animal & re-imagine them in to some sort of mythical creature. These rarely use skulls as they save those for there other work.


Internally lit framed skulls  They try to match the frame or display mechanism (mostly sourced as vintage or second hand pieces to give those new life also) with the character of the animal and/or skull


Light fixtures – this is a new element to there work and one that they are hoping to collect the fox skulls for. They are the perfect size for projects I have in mind


Memento Mori Jewellery – often in wearable domes & vials these utilize the very small bones, skulls and pieces to create poignant & interesting wearable art with a difference.

To Contact Mourning Bright , please click here.. . Be sure to Give there Instagram page a follow @mourning_bright and there facebook page 

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