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Hunting Victoria has all you need for hunting Game & pest animals throughout Victoria, with all the information you could possibly need in one stop, HV is all you need for your next hunt. Hunting laws are clearly outlined as well as where you can hunt and what type of game you would expect to find. Tips and tricks for hunting all types of game and pest animals from our staff with a combined hunting experience of over 60 years is available and a soon to come forum for you to post questions/comments and good hunting spots of your own. Hunting Victoria TV on YouTube is launched with gun reviews, gun range reviews and footage of our own personals hunts with some tips and tricks for everyone along the way. Like and share the Facebook page for all to see and enjoy and don’t forgot to check us out on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

Be sure to check out our Forum and become a member. Give your feedback on certain topics and even ask a question or two. Tell us about a good hunting spot that you recommend to other hunters to try out, share your hunting tips and tricks and much more.


Hunting Victoria